Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Month Gone By

A month ago today we were sitting in the airport in Detroit.  We had just finished a delicious meal at Chili's.  We napped in the airport as we waited to board a plane for Amsterdam.  Seems crazy to think it has already been a month. If possible, this past month has moved both quickly and slowly.  Here is just a little review of our month:

*We arrived in Kenya.  Got a little rest and experienced some of the worst jet lag ever.
*I struggled the first few days as reality hit me.  Thankful for an incredible husband and family.  Most importantly, thankful for God's graciousness.  He continues to remind us that we are where we should be.
*We took our first bus ride and went to Tanzania for the first time.
*We witnessed firsthand that Tanzania is both beautiful and full of nature and nature is LOUD!
*We waged war on our plague of crickets.
* We finished language school and even have the certificates to prove it.
*We moved into our apartment.
*We started orientation to Missions of Hope.
*I have learned that I want to know how to do everything and be an expert immediately. Turns out, life just doesn't work that way.  Thankful for a learning curve!
*We learned (okay, were reminded) that we have the best supporters, friends, prayer partners, and family around.
*We learned just how expensive chicken really is!
*We are learning how to use our shillings and stay within a budget.
*We are continually impressing people without flawless Swahili :)
*We are seeing old friends and meetings new ones.
*We have laughed and played with our niece and nephews online. And even got to attend a birthday party.
*We are becoming more and more dependent upon God.
*We have gotten used to killing mosquitoes and other insects.
*I have been bitten by a Nairobi Fly (so gross!) and about 22 mosquitoes.
*We have continually been reminded of God's goodness, his faithfulness, and the truth of his promises
*We are excited for whatever lies ahead!!

Thanks for praying and encouraging us.  Thanks for supporting us.  Our first month has been great and we are certainly looking forward to the coming months!


Melissa said...

Glad to hear you are doing well. 22 mosquitoes, but who is counting? ;)

Jill Robinson said...

I'm agreeing with so many of your first experiences:
--Watch out for Nairobi flies...those things are fierce!
--We are all sympathizing with the mosquito bites
--Chicken is expensive here too. I am thinking of trying to catch some that are running around the side of the road!
--We are so glad to be in this part of the world "with" you. Even more excited that JP might see you next week!